The Senate Intelligence Committee has just released a massive report on its years-long investigation into the CIA’s post-9/11 torture programs. Or, actually, it released a 525-report that is just an executive summary of an even longer, full report. Even with all that history and narrative and detail, though, it turns out that the conclusions can be summed up in four short bulletpoints that are just brutal in their clarity and simplicity. Here they are, as flagged by Rachel Kurzius of Sirius XM: Well, the torture report is out and can be summed up pretty easily — Rachel Kurzius (@Curious_Kurz) December 9, 2014 In case you want it even more simply, here are those four points from the report translated into even more straightforward and non-bureaucratic English: (1) CIA torture did not work. (2) The CIA lied about what it was doing and whether it was working. (3) The CIA did a terrible job running its torture program. (4) The CIA also lied about the brutality of its methods. There is much, much more in the report, particularly about some of the sicker and more perverse torture methods. But in many ways everything in it builds to these four points about the disastrous, unethical failures of the CIA.